Gregory G. Gomez

“Working with Gregory Gomez as a client you know what you are going to get: diligence, astute and concise analysis of the problem at hand and, best of all, a solutions oriented approach to any situation. Gregory is a straight-ahead no nonsense lawyer. One of the best I've worked with.”

-Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky
New York, NY

“Mr. Gomez acted as my attorney a couple of years back in New York. We were thrown together in unforeseen circumstances and his work ethic was truly remarkable.

“Not only did he deliver a non guilty verdict on all charges but he went beyond the call of duty. Working day and night as an attorney but also became a friend throughout the process.

“An attorney with a heart is a rare institution and I cannot recommend him enough.”

London, UK

“I am so grateful that I had Mr. Gomez as my lawyer. He had to be a Godsend. I like how he was straight to the point from day one when he defended my case. He was so on-point with his advice. And no matter how the case developed he always told me to be honest and tell the truth. I had a misconception of public defenders. I always thought that they either make deals with the prosecutor, or they never have enough time to properly handle criminal cases. But I noticed the amount of time he put into working my case and the professionalism he displayed. He was awesome! ...and it showed especially when he delivered the closing statement. He worked my case really hard and I was acquitted of all charges considering I was accused of a Class B felony. I am still grateful and thankful to him to this day. He is the best! Thanks again! ...and May God bless him!”

New York, NY

“Mr. Gomez understands the crucial importance of thoroughly investigating a case. Indeed, it was because of information obtained through his meticulous approach that Mr. Gomez was able to dismantle the State’s case while cross-examining the complaining witness. This exceptional preparation resulted in a full acquittal.”

New York, NY

"Mr. Gomez, I wanted to say special thanks for everything you have done for me. You provided me with nothing but the best service. Having you represent me was an honor and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Gregory you have been a great role model, a model in this industry in which you help those individuals in need. It is good to see a professional who has the integrity to work with people the way you do. Having you represent me was the correct decision."

New York, NY

Elena Vournas

“Ms. Vournas was the backbone behind this multi million dollars reparation effort. I can truly say that her contribution in organizing, streamlining and administering this process was invaluable. As part of my current position I am in daily contact with the top tier of international professionals: attorneys, CPAs, journalists and politicians. In my humble opinion Ms. Vournas’ professionalism and reliability earns her a respectable place in that exclusive group.”

Chen Yurista
General Director - Israel Office, Claims Conference
Tel Aviv, Israel

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