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Under the new § 160.59 of New York’s Criminal Procedure Law, you will be able to seal up to 2 criminal convictions (only one felony) for all crimes (except violent felonies, sex crimes and class A felonies) after a 10-year waiting period from the date of your conviction or release from prison. 

You Are Only Eligible To Seal Your Criminal Record If:

1.  You Have Had Only 2 Criminal Convictions In Your Life

        (If you have had more than 2 criminal convictions, you are not eligible)

2.  Only 1 Of Those Convictions Is A Felony

       (If both are felonies, you are not eligible)

3.  The Convictions Were Not For "Violent Crimes"

       (If either of the 2 convictions was for a "violent crime", you are not eligible) 

4.  The Convictions Took Place More Than 10 Years Ago

        (If either of the convictions were less than 10 years ago, you are not eligible)


Your Application Will Be Denied If:

  1. You were required to register as a sex offender.

  2. You previously obtained sealing of 2 offenses.

  3. You have been convicted of more than 2 offenses.

  4. Less than 10 years have passed since the date of your last conviction or the date that you were last released from incarceration.

  5. You have been arrested and have a charge pending or you were recently convicted of any crime.

  6. You have been convicted of more than 1 felony

  7. You have been convicted of more than 2 crimes